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Athens, Greece!

After booking a night at a luxurious hotel in Athens, Greece, board your cruise ship, get settled in and start your relaxation!

Taking a cruise is the most luxurious and comfortable way to spend your holidays. You get on board, unpack your suitcases and act as if you are living in a luxurious hotel. Cabins are obviously smaller in size, but the other entire facilities make up for this inconvenience of space.

Many Greek cruises are organized at regular dates and include some Greek islands (it isn’t possible to include all of them, as Greece has 69 inhabited islands), usually the most popular ones and also some other Mediterranean destinations, such as Venice, Istanbul, and the Turkish shores. Apart from the great Mediterranean cruises that make the tour of the Mediterranean Sea and include almost all Mediterranean countries in their schedule, there are also others cruises around Greece and the Greek Seas. These cruises are of shorter duration and depart from a Greek port or island.

The high cruise season starts in April and lasts until October. Summer months are the most crowded because Greece is famous for its warm weather and clean beaches, and that is what most people are looking for during their holidays. Have in mind that temperature reaches 40-42 Celsius in summer, so this may result troublesome for some people who can’t stand the heat. It is suggested that these people choose other months for their cruising around Greece and the Greek islands; in fact, May and September are particularly recommended for cruises because the weather is warm but not extremely hot and resorts are not overcrowded, so this will be more relaxing for you.


Some cruises last for one day and others for three days, four or seven. They have itineraries that include a visit to the most popular Greek islands and a short visit to a Turkish resort. The cruise vessels may be small or big, depending on the number of people on board and the duration of the journey, but they are bound to have all the conveniences you may need along traveling.
Apart from the cabins, you will find:
  • bars and restaurants
  • pools
  • lots of decks to stroll around
  • TV-sets
  • commercial centers
  • laundries
  • pet cabins
  • medical services
  • facilities for the disabled and many other amenities, depending on the maritime company and the type of vessel.

All cruise ships are also safe and conform to the international safety laws.

What Cruises Offer

Cruises in Greece offer you a great chance to have a view of the Greek islands in the best possible comfort and luxury. The cruise ship makes regular stops in the ports of the islands and, therefore, you take your time to have a walk along the island’s seashores, swim on the beaches, view its sights, taste traditional food and take photos and videos to remind you of your holidays when you go back home. At the end of the day, you return to the cruise ship and relax, without any unpacking inconvenience, nor issues about transfer to the next destination or booking problems.


What is important to pay attention to in your cruise is the cabin. There are lots of cabin types. Of course, there are inside cabins, which are obviously more economical but may result a bit depressing; however, these cabins are fine if you are not planning to spend a lot of time in there. Moreover, there are outside cabins that include a window with a view to the sea; it would be nice to relax in your cabin and watch the sea surrounding you from the window, wouldn’t it? You certainly picture it as an extremely relaxing moment. Furthermore, if you are looking for even more luxury, you can book a cabin with a private balcony.


Cruise lines have different regulations as for booking and canceling a cruise. Most companies ask for a deposit in advance, when you book, and for the remaining amount to be paid 2 months before the cruise. If you are booking the cruise two months before the departure date, you may be asked to pay the whole amount at once. As for the cancellation, you will probably have the whole amount returned to you if you cancel more than 70 days before departure, but you are unlikely to get any refund if you cancel less than 2 months before the departure date. However, these terms are general; when you decide to book a cruise with a cruise company, ask this company for more specific information.


When you embark on an island, there will probably be a short tour around the area, including visits to the most popular sites of this resort. However, if you decide to do something extra, for example, to visit a museum that is not included in the tour, then you will have to pay for the museum tickets yourself.
When packing your things to go on a cruise, make sure you take with you only the things you need, which are your clothes and personal things. However, since there are laundry and dry-cleaning services on board, you may carry with you fewer clothes than originally planned. If you are taking a multi-day cruise, make sure you take a formal clothes-set with you because they will probably be a formal dinner to attend on board. Moreover, there may be some theme evenings organized, for example, Greek nights with traditional Greek food, music, and dancing.
Not to mention, before starting your cruise, you have to think about some medical issues. Firstly, if you suffer from seasickness, make sure you take the necessary medication with you. The same stands if you suffer from allergies. Furthermore, have in mind that there are a lot of insects, especially mosquitoes, in Greece, during summertime, which may result annoying sometimes.
Another point to mention for your cruises is tipping. There are some cruise lines that strictly forbid the acceptance of tipping and some others that have no problem with that. In general, Europeans are not as used to tipping as Americans. In every case, it is up to you whether you are going to tip or not. Have in mind that some cruise lines include tips in their cruise fare.


One thing is for sure: you will certainly enjoy yourself during the cruise and will have the chance to visit the amazing Greek resorts in the most comfortable way.
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