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2010 Kayak Tournament and Kayak Membership Registration Form

2010 IFA Kayak Fishing Tour Registration Form

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To sign up for the 2010 IFA Kayak Fishing Tour submit the following online form to us. You may also fax this form to 478-836-3886. At Registration, you will be required to verify your entry and draw your boat number, but pre-registration can greatly reduce your time to register at the event.

You Must Be a CURRENT IFA Kayak Fishing Tour Member to be able to fish in the IFA Kayak Fishing Tour Tournaments.

* required information. Please fill out all entries.
Please provide the following information.
Captain’s Name: *
Address: *
City: *
State: *
Zip: *
Home Number: *
Work Number:
Cell Number: *
Date of Birth: *
Social Security Number: *
These are your qualifying credentials, Home Division and the three events in which you will participate in 2010 to Qualify for the Championship.
Home Division*
Event 1*
Event 2*
Event 3*
Additional Division*
Event 4*
Event 5*
Event 6*
The following information will help us pre-register your team.
What equipment do you use now?
Kayak Length:*
Please do do not submit multiple times. Each time you click the Submit button it will send a duplicate e-mail!

After you sign up and send the registration form, Don’t forget to Use the PAYPAL Links below To pay for your Membership and Tournament Fees.

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