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Let the Drinking Begin

Oktoberfest – from the humble beginnings of a Bavarian royal wedding has become the world’s largest fair. For 16-18 days each Fall, Munich, Germany is transformed into a boisterous city of beer “tents” (think temporary structures) big and small. Each tent serves only certified Oktoberfest Beers, which must be brewed within the city limits of Munich, and delicious Bavarian food. For the beer connoisseur in you, this place is heaven, even the tents names are beautifully Bavarian!

Munich mayor taps the first keg of Oktoberfest

The Café Kaiserschmarrn is the Oktoberfest-paradise for pastry-lovers, while the Münchner Knödelei serves an icon of Bavarian cuisine: the dumpling.

Another traditional meal you’ll find a lot of while strolling from tent to tent is roasted duck and chicken, Heimer’s is popular with the locals and we strongly suggest trying it.

Be sure to stay informed by stopping by the Schottenhamel tent, as all official Oktoberfest events are kicked off here.

From the midnight tapping of the first keg by the mayor of Munich until the traditional closing ceremonies Oktoberfest is a world-class party, so it naturally attracts some of the worlds most recognizable people. Everyone who is anyone is likely to be there, from sports stars to actors and actresses, producers, models and you can even expect to see a few modern members of Europe’s royalty.

Making History

Long before the American release of Beerfest in 2006 Oktoberfest tents have been popping up across the United States. Many of the nations best festivals form in cities big and small.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Columbus, Ohio
Dever, Colorado
And several in California – San Fransisco, Bear Lake, Los Angeles

Whichever Oktoberfest you decide to attend you are sure you have a wonderful time. The atmosphere is welcoming and electric with everyone having a good time, but of course, when large crowds and approximately 7,100,000 liters of beer are served there is bound to be a few dust-ups. We would like to remind you that these disagreements can often be defused before they get rowdy with a little bit of common courtesy (you’ll be amazed how fair saying, “I’m sorry, can I buy you a new stein?” will go). Besides, everyone is there for one reason – to have the time of their lives!

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