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Practical Travel Tips for Teens

Traveling while young is a good jump-start to a self-fulfilled life. While everyone is not fortunate enough to travel beyond their hometown or across the world at the young age, you are blessed to have the opportunity to see more of the world. Whether you are a college student, working youngster or an ordinary teen craving for independence and adventure, leaving home is a seemingly difficult task to bear in mind. Keep cool and don’t worry, here are some useful travel tips come in handy to prepare and brace yourself for the exploration.

Plan, get familiar with the destination

Nothing will go wrong for a careful and strategic planning after all. If you’re going overseas, have a passport and other pertinent travel documents complete and ready. Furnish photocopies of it at home. You’ll need it the most. Confirm your bookings, accommodations, and itineraries. Beforehand, study, do some online research and get familiar with your destination. Take note of time zones, train schedules, bus stations, transfer routes, business & banking hours, hotel guidelines, exchange rates, dining etiquette, traffic rules, state ordinances, customary traditions, contact persons, emergency hotlines and everything you need to know. You can make a checklist for further reference. A well-informed traveler is an edge over a half-baked explorer.

Travel light

When packing things up, consider mobility. Though you still have the physical energy to carry out heavy loads or baggage, it is likely inconvenient to bring with you unnecessary, less beneficial and redundant stuff as well as bulky bags. Don’t bring an entire home with you. Take the only considerable amount of clothing particularly lighter ones, minimum valuables and lesser gadgets.

Be street smart

Going outdoors is a true test of traveling, you’ll learn from catching up a public transportation, getting discounts on sales, exposing to budget-friendly restaurants, tasting a local food, finding a good read, meeting new acquaintances or simply strolling around the sophistication of metropolis. Be cautious of local gangs and other forms of lawless elements, though.

Stay within the boundaries, avoid deserted areas

Yes, it is plainly fun to mingle around with locals and go around to places but refrain roaming beyond your itineraries. Avoid walking towards the outskirts, remote areas, and unfamiliar locations. The thrill might want to lead you to these places, better have a company or go with the team. When going to public places, stay along with the crowd. Don’t wander off to oceans, beaches, wide malls, open parks, alleys, thoroughfares, entertainment houses and other recreational facilities all alone.

Wear a smile, be polite

What’s rather important to wear daily around is your cheerful, positive smile. It will go a very long way. Smile accordingly and be polite always. It will leave a good impression of you. While you may experience inconveniences, traffic congestion, long queues, delayed flights, canceled trips or impatient individuals, don’t be outright rude. Know the situation first. Contact authorities. Stay calm. It will help you to think better of alternatives and solutions.

Don’t get drunk

Parties and socialization events are expected. It is a good avenue to meet new acquaintances and foster connections. Alcohol and spirits will be likely served. In most states and countries, legal drinking age is eighteen (18) while some at sixteen (16). When you are of legal age, you are safe and allowed to grab a drink but rather take cognizance of the outcomes. Drink moderately and don’t be drunk. Politely refuse when already feeling dizzy or discomfort. But in most cases, refrain from alcohol drinking while on travel instead channel your energies to adventure-inducing activities. You don’t want to spoil the trip by getting badly and overly drunk and spending the remaining days nursing hang-over and upset stomach, right?

Bear in mind that in every traveling stint always promises an underlying quest for happiness and fulfillment waiting for you and your company to unravel. Make the most out of it. Ready, set, go. Have fun!

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