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Just wanted to say thank you for your great work in booking our trip to Costa Rica. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. All the arrangements and transfers worked like clockwork, I appreciate your efforts in making this happen.

Great People

Thank you for the fantastic trip to South Africa, Botswana, and Zimbabwe that you and your team planned for us. This was a trip that had not been high on our bucket list but close friends talked us into going with them. This trip turned out to be beyond our expectations all customized just for the four of us!! The planning details were perfect and the accommodations were superb.

Great Service

The trip you put together for us in Italy went splendid. Each leg, each touch point, each adventure, felt like you and Fantastica planned it with care about our needs and expectations. Sometimes exceeding our expectations. We had no worries that we would be greeted and directed in a timely and professional manner, that our hotels would be clean and accommodating, and that we had been guided by someone who knew the area, and had really listened to us. A+ for that trip.



Top Destinations for Kayaking in the Indian Ocean


Kayaking is a sport where people paddle through the water’s landmasses for entertainment. It is filled with thrilling moments and will surely provide unforgettable memory to the beholder. Kayaking is best enjoyed on the fast-paced streams of river currents, though kayaks are equally popular on lakes and sea terrains. 

Among other causes, the high-risk nature of kayaking, dazzling sights of sparkling waters, and a fun activity as a group event make kayaks a wonder choice for adventurers. You can take a fishing rod with you and experience kayak fishing. You can roast or grill the fresh fish afterward. 

This article describes the top destinations for kayaking in the Indian Ocean. Some on the list even rival the best kayak spots in the world.

Top Destinations for Kayaking

India’s varied landscape and the various rivers flowing across the country make it a popular travel destination for kayak enjoyers. Here are the top 5 destinations for kayaking in the Indian Ocean. So choose your pick to embark upon a sparkling journey, one step closer to nature!

Havelock Island

Ritchie’s Archipelago is one of the prime locations, among many others, for kayaking in the Indian Ocean. You can start from Havelock Island, located in the eastern part. From there, you can reach all the islands inside the Archipelago. The water is crystal clear, so you can enjoy the marine life in the area while drifting in the kayak.

The natural formation of islands is the cause of increased marine species in the location. In addition, the inwards flow of ocean currents brings in a variety of aquatic life and unique fishes. Kayaking fishing is feasible and recommended to experience the delights that Havelock Island brings fully.


Located in the western part of the Indian Ocean, Mauritius is an exceptional location to experience the thrill of kayaking. At you get all details for premium kayaks and related equipment so you can enjoy kayaking and kayak fishing in all its glory. 

Experts enriched in practical knowledge will guide your every step. As a result, each group member will feel the thrill and enjoyment, albeit the differences in personal skills. You need not be a veteran angler to land on a good catch.

Ningaloo Reef

Ningaloo Reef is another exquisite location in the Indian Ocean. The Australian waters’ influence has formed a unique variety of marine life, including spectacular fishes, turtles, and similar aquatic lives. Three of the biggest- whale sharks, rays, and humpback whales will dive along with your kayak as you cut through the ocean currents. 

The beauty of this place manages to attract everyone’s glance. It is currently a world heritage under UNESCO’s protection. Even then, you can enjoy recreational fishing, mainly kayak fishing, following the special rules of the area. In winter, schools of fish, dolphins, and sharks cross by during their migration.


Goa is undoubtedly one of the most popular destinations for vacations, adventuring, and thrill-seekers. It boasts a strong natural ecosystem with kayak spots on all coasts, rivers, and even backwater areas.

Reaching obscure areas beyond the reach of normal travel is one of the key themes of kayaking. In Goa, you can traverse through the mangroves, bays, and mudflats. The tropical climate makes any time of the year perfect for a kayaking trip. Being a travel destination, you can also attend other fun activities beyond kayaking and kayak fishing. 

Paradise Beach

Sea kayaking is an ancient method of travel across long-spread islands. In the early days, kayaks were carved from tree woods, bones, and plant stems. Today’s kayaks are crafted with elegant design, robust structure, and aerodynamic considerations. Such is the equipment you will find on a paradise beach.

Paradise beach is located in the heart of Puducherry, a vibrant and lively city. The coast area is marked suitable for kayaking and kayak fishing but suffers from a list of strict regulations for safety. 

On a typical day, the area for kayaking is open from 9 am to 6 pm. However, if you find sudden changes in climate and risky situations enduring, paradise beach can be a true paradise for your kayaking experience.


With the kayaking spots decided, you are ready to participate in an exciting adventure. Firstly, you will need a premium kayak made with quality material and tested for all the safety requirements. Then, to row the kayak, you will require a suitable paddle and basic kayaking training. 

Many people get excited about kayaking and treat it like a casual no-risk sport. Consequently, many people suffer from accidents, loss of control, and even death in some cases due to improper kayaking gear. However, kayaking and kayak fishing will be worth your time if you prepare well.

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